4-Glass Negative scans (4×5) Album 6

  Glass Negative scans (4×5) Album 6 (403 Photos)

About lsmithtwin

I'm a photographer, former teacher, undertaker, grandfather and world traveler for missions.
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1 Response to 4-Glass Negative scans (4×5) Album 6

  1. Michael Oaks says:

    I always enjoy your photo’s Lloyd, with my historical background on Grants Pass, they unlock a lot of things for me. For instance, I knew a lot about the Pacific Pine Needle Factory, but had never seen the interior of the place until I discovered one of your photos and after studying the equipment inside and the belt with a crusher, the vats for the oil, and Mr. and Mrs. Cords, the owners standing there. I just about did a back flip! It may be just the only photo of the interior of the place! Thanks!


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